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About Me

My values

A fundamental element of therapy is forming a good relationship with my clients, making them feel comfortable and listened to. My approach is warm and friendly, with a non judgemental and curious attitude. I aim to develop a shared understanding of the concerns and agree an effective treatment plan to meet my client’s goals. I tailor the intervention to suit the individual, using evidence- based treatments. I will continuously monitor the outcome to ensure progress and adapt the plan to suit each person’s needs.

About Me: About Me

Qualifications and Experience

Having completed my Psychology degree at Manchester University in 1998, I worked for the Royal Free Hospital, Department of Primary Care, researching methods to support children with learning difficulties. I was also a counsellor in the hospital's sexual health department. I completed my Psychology Doctorate at the Royal Holloway University in 2004, specialising in working at a psychiatric inpatient unit for adolescents. My PhD dissertation explored the mental health ramifications for women with cancer. This led me to volunteer as a bereavement counsellor, working with individuals who had lost loved ones to a range of illnesses.  After qualifying, I went on to work for a multi-disciplinary child and adolescent mental health team for 14 years within the NHS.  As part of this role, I joined a systemic family therapy team.  I have offered training in child mental health to students at both the Royal Holloway and Hertfordshire University.  

In 2006, I established my own private practice, working with various medical providers and insurance companies.  I regularly complete expert witness assessments and reports for legal cases.  I offer supervision to other Clinical Psychologists and mental health professionals across a range of settings.  In recent years, I have also specialised in treating elite athletes, including members of the British Olympic Team and also an English Professional Rugby Union Club. 

I have developed skills in working with people of all ages, from different cultures and with a range of presenting problems. I am trained in a variety of therapeutic approaches, including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.  I am registered with the HCPC.  For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

About Me: About Therapy
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Information Compliance

Protecting your personal data is very important. Any electronic  personal data is kept on password protected computer files and my written notes are anonymised and stored in locked cabinets.

I am registered with the Information Commissioners office and comply with their data protection guidelines.  

About Me: About Me
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